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Recently, my Jeep club partnered up with another club and held a UFWDA 4WD Awareness class, taught by Dave Logan. From what I understand, this was the largest group to be taught at one time, with close to 30 people in attendance.

For anyone that has never participated in this program, I must say that it is well worth the time and money. There was a wide variety of participants, from the newbies, to the grizzly veterans. Dave did an EXCELLENT job with his presentation, along with the hands on demonstrations to make sure that everyone walked away with some sort of knowledge and or added knowledge pertaining to our hobby. His personal experiences and wisdom are unbelievable and his teaching methods make you want to sit in class and learn for as long as he is willing to teach.

I hope that anyone that has never attended one of these programs will take the opportunity to either get one set up in your area or attend one close by, it really is worth it.

It was a great privilege to not only meet Dave, but to experience firsthand all of the wonderful things I have heard about him and his presentation!

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